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You Focus On Your Business.

We focus on your taxes and bookkeeping.

“As a freelance marketer I’d much rather worry about my clients and  my business than get headaches worrying about government and state tax forms and tax returns...”

Our Difference

Are you too busy dealing with ads, marketing plans, business strategies, and everything making YOU money? Accounting doesn’t have to be a troubled child you throw money at to forget about.

You can use it to save money and grow your business instead.

Here at Mass Tax Services, we work together with entrepreneurs, digital nomads,  and e-commerce businesses owners to show them how to stop wasting time, money, and brain cells on bureaucratic nonsense... so your books can also stop being a drain on your business and start being a competitive advantage.

With an understanding of marketing and day-to-day business financials, we understand you and your problems. Whether you’re a freelancer or business-owner, an expat or digital nomad, an investor or entrepreneur...


The sooner you work with us, the better you are in the long run.

...And learn how we are the right investment for you.


Our online bookkeeping services catered to your needs...

Market Analysis

Annual Tax Preparation and Quarterly Review

We handle all your tax needs, so your business can run smoothly and you can focus on what matters to you. We will introduce you to the optimal filing procedures, tools, and platforms to make the process easy and intuitive, with no surprises.

You just have to check in a couple of times a year, whenever you’re comfortable, and we’ll take care of the accounting all year round.

Analyzing the data

Virtual Bookkeeping

For when you’re away from home, but still need to keep your books incheck. We’ll enable you to access and manage your books and finances from anywhere in the world. Even your Cryptocurrency Investments.

And if you ever need assistance, you have a certified professional available at any moment, by phone or your contact method of choice.

Business Team

Payroll services

Human resources are a complex process every business can optimize.With our experience we can help you manage your employees’ registration, salaries, insurance and tax liabilities, and everything else.

Take another step towards optimal growth and another worry off of your mind. We’ll be here with you.

Taxes aren’t something you should mess with.

With Mass Tax Services you can be informed and protected from liabilities and potential penalties. You also avoid missing out on any tax breaks and other incentives. Things change fast. Being prepared is invaluable.


How do we help you get and stay prepared?

We use a data-driven approach. Together, we go through your financials and provide you with our expertise. No more surprises. You’ll be kept up to date and all will be reviewed before the due date. As often as you like.

Your long-term vision and strategy are also important. We make sure our advice and support are tailored to your needs, and those of your market, so you can make sound business decisions.

Bookkeeping is done on your schedule. Our team of CPAs and EAs provides full-time coverage so your urgent needs do not get neglected. Anywhere and anytime, you won’t miss out on any opportunities.

If you are security-minded, we can even complete your tax return without any sensitive information. No social security numbers, no address, nothing identifiable.

We are HIPAA, GLBA, FINRA, and SEC compliant.

Our process controls create a foundation to comply with legal and industry requirements, so your data can always remain safe and confidential.


If you still have worries, schedule a call with us. We are interested in eliminating those worries from your business, so you may focus on the things that matter to you.

Or if you prefer getting in touch in a different way, visit our contact page and share your thoughts.

You’re sure to be satisfied with Mass Tax Services.

Since we get you, we also get how any new business relationship can be risky. That’s why we offer you 60 days to be certain we are right for you.

If after 60 days you are not satisfied with our service, just let us know and your fee will be completely refunded. No questions asked.

If you are satisfied, however, and you know others who face the same problems we solved for you, let them know instead.

All of our happy clients get a 10% Referrer Discount after their first referral. So you can help grow your friends’ business, and our business, and your business… all at the same time! What’s more win/win than that?

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