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We provide bookkeeping, accounting and tax services for individuals and businesses.

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I’m a US resident

Tax Planning, IRS Representation or to file your taxes stress-free

I’m an individual living abroad

Tax filing and IRS Representation for those living abroad or with cross- border complex income or tax statuses

I’m a Small Business or Startup

Focus on growing your business, we can handle your bookkeeping and tax filing or work as your fractional CFO.

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Tax Preparation

Avoid mistakes and penalties and get white-glove service

Your corporate taxes handled by knowledgeable professionals.

We handle your books so you can get on with your business

Taxpayer living abroad? Let us
help you file taxes

Let us help you to stay compliant with IRS and state(s) DOR

As Certified Acceptance Agent we can help to apply for or renew your ITIN

Always easy to reach us

or fax: (617) 958-2651


We’ll represent you with a IRS audit

We’ll handle filing your tax returns

We’ll help you figure out your back taxes and any filings.

We’ll handle your payroll tax issues

Tax Planning

Reduce your tax liability through careful and legal planning.

Incorporate the right kind of entity with our support

Other Services

We can help you with payroll
preparation and execution.

Get someone to look at your
books regularly and be your CPA

Need someone to help keep your
company financials under control?