Transparent, Adjusted Pricing

A lot of firms like to hide their pricing. They do it so they can gauge how much to charge you after an initial conversation. We believe pricing should be based on the value we had and how hard something is to do (and thus how long it will take) not how much you can pay, therefore, we provide guidance pricing below. These prices might be adjusted but only based on the complexity of the situations.

Tax Preparation

State return preparation and e-filing are included. There are no hidden fees. All tax returns are completed by Enrolled Agent (Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards) or CPA.

Service Price Notes
Individual (Federal Tax Return Form 1040)
gross income below $100k
Corporation / S-Corp
a complex structure (bank accounts, currencies, foreign shareholders) might increase pricing
Individual with Rental, Self-employment, Crypto, and Gross income over $100k
There are different packages available. Contact us to get started
Foreign partners might increase pricing
Non-US resident Single-member LLC (Form 1120+5472)
Review of the year-end financials might increase pricing

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Above price list does not reflect tax returns for non-US citizens or US citizens with employee stock option income, including ESPP, RSU & 83(b) if not yet filed, foreign asset reporting, e.g. Form 8938, Form 114 (FBAR), etc. Whatever your tax situation may be, simple or complex, MASS TAX SERVICES will prepare your taxes at a VERY competitive price.

Second Look — FREE

Not happy with your previously filed tax return? Get a piece of mind with our free second look. We will review your return(s) at no charge. If there are any additional tax benefits our rate to file an amended return is $100.


Service Price Notes
Up to $25,000 in monthly revenue
$25,000 to $150,000 in monthly revenue
Over $150,000 in monthly revenue
Call for a quote
Sales tax
$100/Month per State

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Consultations, Consulting / Representation

Service Price Notes
Pricing during tax season is +50%
plus any incurred expenses

Accounting and Payroll

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