About Mass Tax Services

We’re a boutique accounting firm providing tax, accounting, and bookkeeping services to businesses and individuals. Based out of Massachusetts, we operate with clients inside and outside of the United States.

About our Founder

Andrew created Mass Tax Services after working for over ten years as a Senior Tax Advisor at Inuit and managing tax departments at public CPA firms in New York and Massachusetts. He worked with individuals and businesses ranging from one-man operations to larger organizations with hundreds on the payroll. He created Mass Tax Services to be the tax partner he wished he could always be and that he felt most of his clients really needed — reliable, available, and completely focused on lifting the tax and accounting burden off the shoulders of clients so they can focus on growing their business — while Andrew and the crew focus on ensuring compliance and fulfilling of all obligations at a bookkeeping, tax and accounting level.

What we believe in


Everyone says they are professional. We get that. But we are. As a small boutique firm we rely on our clients being happy and wanting to continue to rely on our services. We always approach every interaction with that in mind: double-checking the information we provide, anticipating needs and following up on our commitments. We make sure that every client is served by the expertise of our whole firm, regardless of whom you’re paired to work with.


Through our careers we’ve worked with firms that hid their own inability to provide a personalized service behind a gazillion rules and “processes”. You can only contact them through a contact area, you have to submit things in a given format, you have to do this or that. The goal of working with a partner such as Mass Tax Services is so you have more time, not less, to focus on what matters. Although we’ll always require your cooperation we aim to be flexible and do as much as we can to save as much of your time and energy as we possibly can.


We know financials are the core of your business. They are the literal bottom line. The advantage of working with a boutique firm such as Mass Tax Services is knowing you’ll have a partner that picks up the phone (or answers that email). Is knowing that if you have a question, we’ll be here to respond and that if tomorrow you need to deal with the IRS we’ll be here to make the process smoothness. Working with us should feel like having a CFO on speed dial.

Rigor and Quality

The #1 thing you expect from your tax or accounting partner is rigor and quality. An accounting firm is only as valuable as the quality of the service it can offer. By not “cutting corners” and having an established and experienced team, we’re able to ensure that the work we put out is of the highest standard of quality. This means you can relax knowing that the tax and accounting matters you entrust us with will be handled without generating any headache (or unexpected penalties) later on. This is, ultimately the reason to work with a professional.

We will answer all of your questions, as they impact both your tax and financial situations. We welcome you to contact us anytime.